Super Funny Clown Show in Barcelona

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A super funny clown is a stereotypical character commonly depicted with extravagant costumes, makeup and wigs too flashy. Usually it is associated with an artist of circus, whose function is to make people laugh.

Super funny clown Doctor: It is a known actor for laughing who generates endorphins, this helps the body to heal faster, the role of these super funny clowns is to provoke laughter in hospitals and to help patients.

A super funny clown is a comic character and tender born and developed in the performing arts. It has its roots in Roman comedy in the Commedia dell’arte Italian in the modern circus or in silent films. They believe that nothing is done Super funny clown are. Although generally act rehearsed routines based on one of his greatest skills is improvisation and seduction to the utmost.

Despite being accompanied by colorful and festive connotations, many people show discomfort or fear of the character. Some popular prints represent the super funny clown in a grotesque and disturbing. The phobia of super funny clowns is known of coulrophobia. It is defined as a persistent, abnormal, and unwarranted fear of super funny clowns.

The first major precursor of today’s super funny clowns were the mime artist Jean-Gaspard Deburau with his number “The Doctor” and Joseph Grimaldi, of the modern super funny clown with painted face in the early 19th Century developed in London, but this was not related to the circus, but with the English pantomime.

The super funny clown has prototypical face full of makeup white with a big red nose with matching heels. He wears wig, drawing a big smile and patches and pockets full of clothes, which saves gadgets to entertain people, especially children. As complementary skills alone know how to play an instrument (like trumpet), make balloon figures, balancing and twisting.

The humor of the super funny clown is called white falls based on simple jokes in mime. Its historical origin is the super funny clown or funny the theater and pretty medieval.

Circus super funny clowns have many specializations ( music, dance etc.), but there is no clear division: the majority of super funny circus clowns usually work in a variety of genres. Often the artist uses techniques very difficult genres of circus arts such as juggling.

Super funny clown is one of the most democratic and at the same time the most complex and versatile actor specializations. History knows examples of the development of the genre of clowning tragic artists, but examples to the contrary – is not so rare. Many outstanding super funny clowns (including – circus) achieved considerable success in film and theater roles tragic repertoire.

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