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Methods to regenerate your body after training
During training you sweat and lose water, so you need to replenish it regularly. Don’t forget about it also after exercise because it can lead to dehydration, which has a negative effect on post workout recovery – it slows down nutrient transport and impairs protein synthesis.
In order for the body to recover properly after training it is important to eat a proper diet. The supply of appropriate nutrients affects the repair of micro-trauma, which occurred during exercise. Therefore, a meal consisting of carbohydrates and proteins should be consumed within an hour after the workout.
Why go for a massage after an intense workout? It is a form of regeneration of the body, which results in improved circulation and removal of waste products of metabolism. The massage will make oxygen reach all body cells without any problems, and the tension of tissues will be relieved.
Sleep plays an important role in the regeneration of the body. At that time, the human body secretes hormones that are important for a shapely figure. This includes growth hormone, which takes part in the process of regeneration, hypertrophy and repair of damaged tissues. If we allocate an insufficient number of hours for sleep, then the production of growth hormone will be disrupted.
Rolling is a very good form of self-therapy for tired body parts. It is performed using special foam rollers or balls. This method allows to maintain proper hydration of the muscle fascia. Working with a roller gives an amazing effect of relaxation, increasing the flexibility of the rolled tissue and, as a result, the mobility of the surrounding body tissues.

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