Dumbest Gym Fails 2022 | Funniest Gym Moments | TRY NOT TO LAUGH

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How to avoid injury? 🤔.
➖first learn the technique
➖do not overestimate your abilities
➖Give yourself a rest
➖warm up before training
➖have a well balanced diet
➖train with a partner

Remember one thing❗️ improper technique will not immediately cause, for example, tear your biceps. Micro-trauma can accumulate for months or even years, until finally something breaks and in such a case you can completely lose your game. And that’s not what we want, we want you to enjoy physical exercise for many years, to ensure your health and enjoy life

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▫️The voice used in the film is not the best, but I hope you like it.
◾️Warning‼️Do not repeat some of the situations shown in the video as they are dangerous❕
▫️The video in no way encourages harmful content or dangerous activities.
◾️Some people come here to laugh and make themselves feel better, while others come to learn and draw conclusions
▫️The film was made for entertainment and educational purposes.
◾️The Narrator in the video uses exaggerations to make it more funny and
▫️By watching the video you can draw conclusions and lessons on what not to do at the gym

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