Sexy & cute girl fail comp 4 | Just WOW | Dec 2021

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Watch sexy and cute girls failing – we love to watch sexy girls and naughty woman while failing because its so funny.
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Check out our playlists – you can expect fails , people die inside , stupids and other funny stuff.
Even you can try your own not to laugh challenge and leave a comment with time of clip where you start smiling.
In the end we want to make you laugh if you had a bad day 🙂

Some highlights:
0:00 girl eats an oyster
0:11 woman drinks through a mask
0:38 woman fails at a dancing pole
0:53 sexy woman falls in a cardboard box
1:25 woman fights with vacuum cleaner
2:02 hot girl woman gets scared during a car ride
2:41 sexy girl does a balancing act between 2 boats
3:00 cute girl sits in a bag from which the air is sucked
3:29 lizard pees on a sexy girl
4:13 girl is dancing an a car and breaks the window
4:51 cute girl tries to swallow jelly

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Time To Talk & Avaya Ft. RYVM – Found You [NCS Lyrics]

Xaia, Rain Man, Oly – Breakdown [NCS Lyrics]

N3WPORT & Meggie York – Runaway [NCS Lyrics]

Aiden Kross – Sexy Flow ft. Della [No Copyright Music]

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Cadmium – Change Your Mind [NCS Release]

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