28 Epic Drunk Fails

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From drunken nights of yoga to giving that mean, old neighbor some sweet revenge, here are 28 Epic Drunk Fails

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#10 – Drunk Yoga
You may think that you are becoming one with nature, especially since you are covered in grass. But you aren’t doing yoga, you got drunk, passed out, and your friends threw grass on you.

#9 – Drunk Stunts
If you are a thrill seeker and you’ve had a few drinks, this would probably be you, defying the world, the basics of physics, and the need for clothes.

#8 – The Weather’s Drunk
Sometimes even the weather needs a little break and a chance to unwind. Hopefully, after seeing what drunk weather was like, just look at the crazy storms in this picture, the weather decides to put down the bottle.

#7 – Piloting Drunk
This is why you don’t drink and operate a plane. A no brainer for most, but clearly this guy needs to be educated on how to be a pilot because this certainly isn’t how you land.

#6 – Riding Drunk
This is why you don’t drink too much before going on a roller coaster; this is usually the outcome of that combination. I feel bad for those guys in the back; there was nowhere to run or hide.

#5 – A Drunk Snapshot
While these people are probably just crazy and not drunk, I would have to be three sheets to the wind before I would ever even consider taking a picture with my back turned to this giant wall of water. I wonder if the photographer managed to keep hold of that camera when the wave broke.

#4 – Driving Drunk
This is why drinking and operating vehicles or heavy machinery is frowned upon and criminalized. It was people doing stuff like this.

#3 – Trippin
When you are drunk, most of us tend to sway, stumble or even fall over on occasion. This guy should have had some better friends to watch out and tell him that he’s about to trip and fall into the fire.

#2 – Forgetting What’s In The Trunk
If you drive drunk, you’re reflexes and judgment are incredibly poor, hence the whole reason why it’s illegal to drive while under the influence. However, if you end up breaking the law and doing it anyways and you forget that you just bought enough paint to cover the interior of your house, you might be looking at a mess like this when you get back home.

#1 – Getting Revenge On Your Neighbor
If you aren’t lucky, you probably have a crap neighbor. They always ask to borrow your stuff, and they almost never want to give it back. If you happen to remember that weed wacker they borrowed but forgot to return while being intoxicated, then you might have a scene like this unfold in your backyard. Oh, the scorn of a neighbor.

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