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Daily Twitch Fails and Highlights for 22 March 2022
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Thanks for watching! Let me know what you think! Here are the timestamps for each clip
0:00 EsfandTV: Esfand wakes up
0:34 Mizkif: TPain tells when he lost his virginity
1:04 xenev: Streamer finds something interesting on geoguessr
1:31 forsen: forsen Gets Catfished
2:05 Squeex: Squeexs Mediashare incident
2:36 xQcOW: sniper caught in 4k
3:02 forsen: forsen gets a phone call
3:46 pokelawls: poke gets bullied
4:24 imaqtpie: qtpie with the questionable recommendation
4:42 erobb221: This is Not a Kids Game
5:05 Squeex: Simba fell off ratio L karma
5:20 Zoil: Zoil Ayo
5:31 loltyler1: Tyler1 has ACTUALLY losing his mind
6:05 xQcOW: Goof troop
6:30 roflgator: What is going on
6:55 sodapoppin: when someone says something nice to a streamer
7:00 alte: Zoils finishing move
7:10 pokelawls: poke goes to heaven
7:50 ItsSliker: Sliker unbans a small streamer
8:25 Northernlion: Northernlion shows us how its done
8:49 Murda: Murda Big Wheelie

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Outro music by Ghostrifter Official: https://youtu.be/Y30VQPGtxOs

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