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A true work of inspired genius…and funny as hell…which reveals to everyone that the most important aspect of life is to know your place in the enormous scheme of things…enjoy and ponder its simple truths outright hilarity.

“Deteriorata” was performed by The National Lampoon
on “National Lampoon Radio Dinner,” a 1972 recording by
Blue Thumb Records.

Lyrics by Tony Hendra

Narrated by Norman Rose (a black & white photo of him
appears near the end of the vid)

Music written by Christopher Guest

i do not own any part of this production except for a few brief animations and compilation pics….i present this only as a way to promote this magnificent song (poem), and do so with no intentions of monetary gain.

Indulge and enjoy!

you can also veiw other videos of mine on facebook: look for “wreznor misheard”

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