Entering the Woke Zone with Babylon Bee: DDS 6-27-22

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I wokescold Babylon Bee for being so funny and get hella triggered in today’s Daily Daily Signal

Go check out the incredible trans comedians whose work I used as a counterexample for the Babylon Bee’s comedy stylings:

*Sophia Florence: https://twitter.com/AllanaSmithee
*Robin Tran: https://twitter.com/robintran04
*Riley J Silverman: https://twitter.com/rileyjsilverman
*Brandy Bryant: https://twitter.com/InkMasterbator
*Kai: https://twitter.com/evilkaiguy

There are SO many hilarious trans comedians whose clips simply did not fit and you can check out some of them in the replies to my thread soliciting reccomendations: https://twitter.com/LauraJedeed/status/1541490395737096197?s=20&t=hExtLxdUgX3VumcZm7c3DA

Anyway tomorrow we’ll do Part 2 where the Babylon Bee tells hilarious jokes about Black Livds Matter burning down whole cities it’s really quite something like share subscribe etc

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