Korean “Wet Skin” Makeup

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TIP: Use red colour for a daring but natural look! πŸ˜€ Have fun cuties!
Don’t you love that healthy, well hydrated look you get after a hot shower? Too bad it doesn’t last longer! Mulgwang, which is Korean and translates to “Water Glow” is a makeup technique that will get you an after shower look that lasts all day long! Are you ready get bright, glowing skin without noticing the use of makeup? Well I sure am! Let’s

Use a toner and cotton pads to freshen up your pores and control sebum. Press the cotton pad softly on your skin and gently swipe upwards. Always handle your skin with sensitivity to avoid irritations.
Next I’ll cleanse my face with a moisturising foam and then soak it up by gently pressing a soft towel on my skin. I recommend using foam washes bas they cleanse deeply without being harsh.
For the “Wet Skin Look” it’s important to give your skin a good amount of moisture. I will stick on these adorable Rosehip Oil pads on the dryer parts of my face and let my skin absorb all the moisture.
Once you ensured that your skin is well hydrated, let’s move on to the Mulgwang makeup!

Get a pink tone corrector and a volumiser
, in my case a sun screen! Brush on some tone corrector and mix it up with enough moisturiser of your choice to cover all parts of your face, diminishing the dark spots for an even complexion.
Now get your bestie the volumiser, and your everyday foundation. Squirt out half the amount you would normally use and add moisturiser to 2/3 of the concealer.
Mulgwang Formula: 1/2 Concealer + 2/3 the
By using a volumiser like that you will actually need to use less makeup while taking care of your skin.
The colour part of the makeup will be applied in a similar way. Choose either your favourite oil, in my case apricot oil, orgood old vaseline. Today I will show you how to use both. Scrape off some eyeshadow in a neutral brown colour and if you’re using oil, one tiny drop is enough to create a liquid eyeshadow. Now, apply the colour on your eyelids and blend using your fingers.
e. If you want, apply the eyeshadow colour on the sides of your nose, cheekbones, jaw and forehead for some contouring.
f. Rouge and lips w/ Vaseline
Now let’s try vaseline! Scrape off some rouge colour and mix it with a pea sized amount of vaseline. Apply the same colour on your cheeks and lips as this looks the most natural, especially with pink. If you want to be more daring then try a nice shade of red!
e. If you own a liquid shimmer, dab some of it on the corner of your eye to make them look wider.
Although Mascara helps enlarging your eyes, one or 2 layers are enough to get the effect while fitting into the no makeup makeup look.
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