The YouTuber who almost died from weight-loss surgery despite being only 53kg | Venus Angelic Part 3

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This is the third episode of our Venus Angelic series, and we have already covered a ton.
This story is a roller coaster and a tragic one at that, so get ready to feel a little sick. We are going to jump back just a little bit from where we left off. Manaki and Venus Angelic are still married, and Venus Angelic has yet to openly bad mouth him online, but for their whole marriage, people were pretty skeptical and very curious as to wtf was going on there, a lot like Burt and Ernie’s marriage. We get the idea that they may have an open marriage from the way Venus Angelic talks about their personal lives. It’s pretty obvious that at the very least, they are not exclusive, and Venus Angelic is not afraid to air our manaki’s business to the world. We don’t know how supportive Venus Angelic was towards him, but he and his family were very supportive towards her, as far as anyone can tell. Venus and Manaki made a perplexing video opening a giant box of treats his parents sent to them and it was really thoughtful and generous. This support includes two hospital stents for stomach issues: one at the end of 2017 and one in early 2018. The first time Venus Angelic was inpatient for several days and not yet saying why. The second time she was there recovering for months! She first said she didn’t want to get too into it but she almost was in septic shock and said she had appendicitis. Marge is freaking out saying that when Venus Angelic was in her care, she never had to go to the hospital and now she’s with manaki who is supposedly taking such good care of her even though she had a sneaking suspicion that he poisoned her. She said “under my care, she was never hospitalized, never had anything on her teeth, never over or underweight, never a sunburn, never glasses etc. She had a stitch from 3 year old when she run into a door and fall but just a small stitch. I called the ambulance for such a small thing but I don’t care, I carried her with sirens and lights there for a stitch. 4 months after leave me already hospitalized.


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