Top Funniest Gym Fails 2022 | Craziest People at the GYM | TRY NOT TO LAUGH

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Many of us have struggled or are still struggling with some sort of injury or trauma. Those who have not yet had one are sure to experience one someday. Injuries are an inseparable part of the life of a sportsman, not only a professional, but above all an amateur. It is the ambitious amateur athlete who is most at risk of injury. Although an amateur is still an amateur and is subjected to much lower training loads than a professional, in my opinion, a major part of the cause of injuries lies not in excessive load or volume, but in insufficient rest between training sessions. That is why amateurs are more prone to them. The conclusion is simple: listen to your body and try to rest when your body needs it ❕

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▫️The voice used in the film is not the best, but I hope you like it.
◾️Warning‼️Do not repeat some of the situations shown in the video as they are dangerous❕
▫️The video in no way encourages harmful content or dangerous activities.
◾️Some people come here to laugh and make themselves feel better, while others come to learn and draw conclusions
▫️The film was made for entertainment and educational purposes.
◾️The Narrator in the video uses exaggerations to make it more funny and
▫️By watching the video you can draw conclusions and lessons on what not to do at the gym

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