What Happened to Venus Angelic

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What Happened to Venus Angelic

After her YouTube video “How To Look Like a Doll” went viral in 2012, Venus Angelic became an online sensation! Stay tuned to find out what happened to Venus and subscribe to Miss Petty.

Today we’ll dive into the weird side of the Internet. This is Venus Angelic. She is a YouTuber who rose to fame after her video “How to Look like a Doll” went viral in 2012. She was only 15 years old when she became an online sensation. By that time her YouTube content included makeup tutorials, taste tests and challenges, but the thing that made her different to other channels was her doll aesthetics: everything around Venus was pink, cute, childish and innocent. Like a real doll, Venus was an adorable source of healthy entertainment… But at what cost?

As time went by, some dark secrets about Venus started coming to the surface. A controlling mother, illegal surgery, escaping from the country, an apparently fake marriage… and now, 10 years after she started her YouTube career, Venus decided to make adult content. How can such a cute, innocent face hide so much controversy? Today I’ll tell you the disturbing story of what happened to Venus Angelic, YouTube’s most famous living doll.

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