what REALLY happened to Venus Angelic | Part 2

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When YouTuber Venus Angelic (whose real name is Venus Palermo) started shifting her everyday content to be geared toward a more mature audience, many of Venus Angelic’ fans were confused. Many who noticed this sudden change in Venus Angelic’ content became worried for Venus Angelic, and she received some hate for alienating her younger fanbase by making content inappropriate for them. What happened to Venus Angelic, and why did she decide to change her brand? Venus Angelic is best-recognized for her previously viral video, “How to Look Like a Doll,” which currently has more than 16 million views. While Venus Angelic’ channel began as a space where she posted typical vlogger content, showing what she ate in a day as well as some Japanese-inspired videos, Venus Angelic’ content eventually became focused on makeup and beauty tips to make yourself look more doll-like. This became Venus Angelic’ entire brand, and much of her content over the years was focused on making herself look more like a porcelain doll. Venus Angelic would even make her voice sound more child-like to emphasize the doll-like look she was trying to emanate. Throughout the years that Venus Angelic created this content, it was all managed and promoted by her mother, who often accompanied her to interviews and photoshoots.

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