Exploring Abandoned 1934 Murder House – Victim Buried inside, found grave

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In 1934 this beautiful home was built. With hand carved woodwork around the entire house, this home was beautiful at the time. Fast forward to 2009, a real estate mogul, investor husband went hiking with his wife, when the two apparently seperated during the hike. The search party found nothing for days until they gave up the search. One year later, in 2010, the husband decided to add a part to his home. Where police became suspicious and acquired a warrant with enough evidence to dig underneath. That’s when they found her. He was sentenced to 20+ years in Prison and the house went abandoned. Someone did buy the home after however but backed out of renovation with no reason. If you enjoy today’s walk through, leave a thumbs up and subscribe for more abandoned content. Thanks for watching and have a good day

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