INCREDIBLE Abandoned Ships

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From the desolate shores of Cyprus, to long forgotten vessels, these are 10 INCREDIBLE Abandoned Ships Around The World

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10. RIO | Russia
On Dec 12, 2018, the bulk carrier RIO contacted port authorities with a distress message. They needed immediate help to avoid grounding. Unfortunately for them, tugboats did not arrive on time. The ship grounded on the southern coast of Novorossiysk Bay due to heavy seas and strong winds overnight.

As of right now, there are no signs of the RIO moving anywhere. Hopefully the ship does not get completely destroyed by the sea and survives to transport once again.

9. MV Demetrios II | Cyprus + edro III
MV Demetrios II was a cargo ship that enjoyed the high seas for decades, built in 1964, the ship operated until its eventual grounding in 1998.

March 23rd to be exact. Loaded up with lumber from Greece and headed to Syria, the MV Demetrios II ran aground off the coast of Cyprus, near the Paphos lighthouse. At first, it was seen as a very bad accident for the unfortunate crew of 8. Later on, it was discovered that the Greek Captain and the Pakistani first officer had forged papers. They were deemed not competent enough to operate the ship, heavy seas or not.

There’s another ship that ran aground off the shores of Cyprus, the photogenic EDRO III. The ship ran aground near Pegeia, Cyprus. As always, rough seas and bad weather were blamed for the wreck, there was no salvage operations attempted, but the ship was emptied of all cargo, fuel, and oil.

Articles state that it is now forbidden to visit the ship because its deemed too dangerous, which means at some point, people were allowed to explore it, which must have been a pretty cool experience.

8. SRI LANKA GLORY | Sri Lanka + farah III
Can you believe this shipwreck only happened, not even a year ago? The Sri Lanka Glory was pushed ashore by a storm in July of 2019. Due to bad weather the ship was anchored near the shore. Unfortunately, it still drifted into the unforgiving rocky coastline. The 9 crew members on board made it out safely thanks to the Sri Lankan’ navy.

There are no plans to rescue the ship and it will most likely remain here until it completely falls apart. Piece by rusted piece.

7. SS Maheno | Australia

The SS Maheno might be the oldest ship we look at today. Built in 1905, the ocean liner traveled all around the Tasman sea until it was repurposed as a naval hospital ship during world war I. Now called the His Majesty’s New Zealand Hospital Ship No 1, the ship washed ashore due to a cyclone in 1935.

Since then, it has become a popular tourist attraction, and the hull has somehow remained ashore all those years. Not for long though, you can see the fast deterioration of the wreck between 2007 and 2013.

6. MV Salem Express | Red Sea

The Salem Express was a car and passenger ferry that operated between the countries of Egypt and Saudi Arabia. Constructed in 1964, the ship changed a few owners before it made its way to Egypt.

In the early hours of December 17th, 1991, the ship collided with a reef close to the Egyptian Coast. The damage was catastrophic and the ship sank within minutes. The official figures say 470 perished in the wreck, but some estimate that it was closer to 690. Since then, the shipwreck has become a popular spot for scuba divers, who can easily enter the ship from many points. Only 100 feet below the sea, you can explore the ship and its cargo of cars and luggage, which are pretty much undisturbed.

5. MV Golden Ray | Georgia State

Since September 2019, the car carrier MV Golden Ray has been lying on her side in shallow water near the Port of Brunswick in Georgia State.

The ship capsized shortly after departing the port, all 23 crewmen were rescued while the ship started to list. 4 crew members went missing but were eventually found safe and sound by the US Coast Guard.

The ship was filled with mostly Kia and Hyundai cars headed to the Middle east, and it is believed the incident was related to loss of stability due to improper cargo stowage and incorrect water ballasting. A really dangerous mix.

By October, it was decided that the MV Golden Ray was a total loss, and the ship would be cut up in place and scrapped. If you want to see this behemoth in the water, better do it soon.

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